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Articles on Sikhism written by Sujan Singh

The articles on this site are written by Sujan Singh (1930-2007). He was a Botanist who worked for many years for the Forest Research Institute in Dehradun, and then later he ran the Mycorrhiza Network at TERI. He had a real passion for learning, with a particular interest in science and philosophy. Learning is something he did every day of his life:

"A life dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge is a life worth living" - Sujan Singh

He was dedicated to Sikhism, and lived by its tenets. His passion for science and his dedication to Sikhi lead him to many years of research on the intersection of the two. The results of that research are these series of articles you can find on this website.

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Daily Hukamnama in English

  • Aasaa: As long as the oil and the wick are in the lamp, everything is illuminated. But when the oil is burnt, the wick goes out, and the mansion becomes desolate. ||1|| O mad-man, no one will keep you, for even a moment. Meditate on the Name of that Lord. ||1||Pause|| Tell me, whose mother is that, whose father is that, and which man has a wife? When the pitcher of the body breaks, no one cares for you at all. Everyone says, "Take him away, take him away!"||2|| Sitting on the threshold, his mother cries, and his brothers take away the coffin. Taking down her hair, his wife cries out in sorrow, and the swan-soul departs all alone. ||3|| Says Kabeer, listen, O Saints, about the terrifying world-ocean. This human suffers torture and the Messenger of Death will not leave him alone, O Lord of the World. ||4||9|| Hukamnama from

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