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Articles on Sikhism written by Sujan Singh

The articles on this site are written by Sujan Singh (1930-2007). He was a Botanist who worked for many years for the Forest Research Institute in Dehradun, and then later he ran the Mycorrhiza Network at TERI. He had a real passion for learning, with a particular interest in science and philosophy. Learning is something he did every day of his life:

"A life dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge is a life worth living" - Sujan Singh

He was dedicated to Sikhism, and lived by its tenets. His passion for science and his dedication to Sikhi lead him to many years of research on the intersection of the two. The results of that research are these series of articles you can find on this website.

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Daily Hukamnama in English

  • Dhanaasaree, Fourth Mehl: The Lord, Har, Har, is the rain-drop; I am the song-bird, crying, crying out for it. O Lord God, please bless me with Your Mercy, and pour Your Name into my mouth, even if for only an instant. ||1|| Without the Lord, I cannot live for even a second. Like the addict who dies without his drug, I die without the Lord. ||Pause|| You, Lord, are the deepest, most unfathomable ocean; I cannot find even a trace of Your limits. You are the most remote of the remote, limitless and transcendent; O Lord Master, You alone know Your state and extent. ||2|| The Lord's humble Saints meditate on the Lord; they are imbued with the deep crimson color of the Guru's Love. Meditating on the Lord, they attain great glory, and the most sublime honor. ||3|| He Himself is the Lord and Master, and He Himself is the servant; He Himself creates His environments. Servant Nanak has come to Your Sanctuary, O Lord; protect and preserve the honor of Your devotee. ||4||5|| Hukamnama from

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